Why do some offers only contain a few photos?

A minimum of three photos is required for each listing, although some hosts decide to provide more. If you require more photos, you can contact the host and ask them for some additional pictures.

What details about the location of a property are visible?

StayPlanet provides basic information about the location and street name of the accommodation, as well as a map of the surrounding area. The exact street address is withheld to protect the privacy of a host, and guests receive it once their booking is confirmed.

Which types of accommodation are available on StayPlanet?

StayPlanet features a variety of property types that range from apartments to houses, boats to tents. All of which can be viewed in our listings. 

Why do some properties have few or no reviews?

New listings on StayPlanet may not have many reviews, and they will gradually accumulate over time.

Are guests allowed to bring pets with them to their accommodation?

Each accommodation has individual specifications, and any questions about a particular offer can be sent to the host director, or our messaging service. Simply click the ‘Contact me’ button beside the host picture for listing inquiries. 

Why are the prices different for certain dates?

Hosts are able to set different prices for different dates. Change of prices can occur for a variety of reasons, including peak booking times, and hosts can set daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Some hosts charge extra charges, such as guests or cleaning fees. These prices can be viewed in the ‘Quick Overview’ table on the offer details page.

How do I make contact with a host?

You can contact a host by using our simple messaging system. We encourage communication between hosts and guests, attempts at transferring contact information through the messaging system will be automatically rejected.  

How many people are allowed to stay in a particular property?

The maximum number of guests allowed to stay in a particular property is different for each individual property. You can access all of the details on the offer pages.

Can I find out if a property is available on a particular date before I attempt to book it?

By selecting the 'Availability' tab on an offer page, you are able to view whether a property is available or not. 

What do I do if I have questions I'd like answered before I make a booking?

You are able to use the messaging system to convey any questions for the host. Please contact our customer support team for extra assistance.

When will I receive the host's complete contact and address details?

We will reserve the total booking cost in your account only after we have confirmed your payment details. You will receive your host’s complete address after this has been completed.

When will my credit card, bank account etc. be charged for my booking?

After you have made the booking request, the total of your booking will be immediately reserved in your bank or Paypalaccount. This amount will only be deducted from your account if the host accepts your request. 

Can I change my mind after making a booking?

If you decide cancel a confirmed booking, pleasing send an email to our customer support team, who will advise you of further action you may need to take.

How long does it usually take to receive an acceptance or a refusal from a host?

Our policy requires all hosts to respond to booking requests within 24 hours. Booking requests are cancelled if a host does not respond within this time frame, and we will assist you in finding an alternative host. The total booking amount reserved in your account will be automatically released when your booking request is refused by the host, or expires. This may take up to 3-5 working days to reach your account, and since there is no confirmed booking, StayPlanet will not add any extra charges. 

Why is the price on the checkout page different to the price on the search page?

Without entering specific dates, you are given a unique starting price for each property. After selecting specific dates, the exact price is calculated depending on the rates supplied by the host for these dates. Rates may change depending on the seasons or the number of guests staying on the property. The final price may also include cleaning fees, or specific daily, weekly, and/or monthly rates. These price details can be found in the “Quick Overview” table on the offer detail page.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Some hosts ask for a deposit; however StayPlanet does not process the details. Hosts will inform customers of direct deposits within the description of their property, or through direct communication. Deposits are returned to customers once a host is satisfied with the condition of their property. Any issues should be directed to our customer support team. 

Do I have to pay a cleaning fee?

Some hosts charge an additional cleaning fee. This will be added to your total booking price on the payments page. These details can be found in the “Quick overview” table on the offer details page.

What happens after I click 'Complete Booking'?

Once you complete your booking, the host will be notified, and as soon as they have either accepted or declined your booking you will receive confirmation and further instructions

Can I request an invoice for my booking?

You are able to request a booking invoice by clicking on the Dashboard and selecting the trip for which you would like an invoice under My Trips. Click the Request an invoice button and simply fill in your booking information to submit the request. Your host will contact you via email or another preferred communication method and generate an invoice for you once they receive your request. If you do not receive a reply to your invoice request, and would like help to get in touch with your host, please contact our customer support team on info@stayplanet.com.

How can I contact the host of a property I'm interested in booking?

You are able to contact a host using our messaging system located on the offer page. The exchanging of contact information, or any other personal information, is not permitted. 

Why are some hosts' profiles incomplete?

Some hosts have incomplete profiles, so if you require more information it is advisable to contact them using the messaging system on the home page. 

Why do some hosts not have a photo of themselves as their profile picture?

 It is not compulsory for hosts to use a photo of themselves, and if they chose not to do so, we encourage users to provide an appropriate picture of their choice. 

What should I do if I encounter problems with a host?

If you cannot personally resolve a problem with a host, we advise you to contact our customer support teamon info@stayplanet.com. If you so desire, you can submit a cancellation request via email to our customer support team.

What should I do if a host doesn't respond to a booking request?

All bookings will the automatically cancelled if a host does not respond to a booking request within 24 hours, and alternative arrangements will be made. 

How does the key handover work?

Before travelling to your accommodation, you must discuss the handover of keys with your host. If this is different to the location of the accommodation, the host will advise you of a time and place. 

What are StayPlanet's policies on cancellations?

Hosts can select from one of three cancellation policies. More information about these be found on our Cancellation Policies page.

If I sign-in with my Facebook account, will it be visible on my profile?

Your Facebook account is used once only to bypass our regular registration tool. No other Facebook information besides your name is Facebook photo will be included. You will need to complete the rest of your StayPlanet profile manually.

Why should I leave a review?

Leaving a review is a great way to give feedback on your stay, which is extremely useful for future guests.

What if a host's property does not have StayPlanet Verified status?

We are constantly in the process of developing our contact information with our hosts, so the StayPlanet Verified status will continue to be added to more listings over time.

Which methods of payment are accepted for making bookings?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 

Is the processing of payments secure?

All payments will be processed through encrypted connections.

How do I file a complaint if I am unhappy with my experiences?

All complaints must be emailed to our customer support team on info@stayplanet.com and submitted within 24 hours of checking into your accommodation.

How does StayPlanet help me avoid fraudulent hosts?

StayPlanet screens its hosts and does not make their listings available until they are to standard. In the unlikelihood that your stay doesn’t go according to plan, hosts receive payments at least 24 hours after you have checked in. 

How are refunds processed if a booking doesn't work out?

Refunds are processed according to our Cancellation Policy page. Eligibility for refunds must be confirmed by Window. Payments will be transferred on the same day of your confirmed cancellation, although it can take between 305 business days for it to appear in your account. 

What should I do if I have a problem when arriving at my accommodation?

In order to aim for a quick solution, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible, and we will try to resolve your problem with you.

Why do I need to sign up to make a booking?

We require that you create a StayPlanet account in order to process your bookings securely and improve user transparency. This permits you to keep records of your bookings on our system and assists us in providing you the best possible support suited to your needs. 

Why is it useful to complete my user profile?

A completed profile helps make travelling more personal. Since we offer properties owned by individuals, a profile enhanced your experiences and provides a way for potential hosts to become more familiar with you in advance. 

Should I upload a photo of myself?

We recommend users to upload a user photo of themselves, though it is not obligatory. 

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password you are able to reset it via the link on the home page. 

How can I delete my account?

You are able to delete your profile only by contacting our customer support team on info@stayplanet.com.

What should I keep in mind when creating my listing?

Accommodation listings should be presented in an interesting, factual, and an informative manner. Your listing requires photos, a suitable title, and an adequate description of your property. You must include current details about the price, location, amenities, property type, minimum stay, maximum number of guests etc. Contact details, such as street address, phone number, and email, is not permitted in the title, description, or house rules. 

Do I need to use the calendar?

It is imperative that the availability status of you accommodation is accurate, otherwise you will be forced to refuse bookings, which may affect your listing’s position in the search results. 

What kind of photos of my property should I upload?

You must show clear and accurate photos of the rooms your guests have access to, such as the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. Do not show photos of rooms with restricted access. The better your photos are, the more interested potential guests will be in booking your property.

How will the location of my property be displayed?

We display a basic indication of where your accommodation is located, limited to the street name and a map of the surrounding area. We withhold your exact street address in order to protect your privacy. Guests will only receive it once you have confirmed their booking.

Which types of property can be offered on StayPlanet?

An extensive range of accommodation types are offered on StayPlanet. If your property type is not listed, please contact our customer support team on info@stayplanet.com to advise how to make an available listing. 

How do I get reviews?

Emails are sent to customers with information pertaining to the submission of a review. Only guests who have stayed at your property through StayPlanet have the discretion to leave a review.

How do I get StayPlanet Verified status?

Please contact our customer support on info@stayplanet.com if you are interested in your listing having StayPlanet Verified status.

What if I can't find my location on the map?

Try entering your zip code and/or city code if your street address is not recognised on its own. If this still does not work, please contact our customer support team and we will fix it for you.

I've uploaded my property, but it doesn't appear in the search results. Why?

StayPlanet reviews each offer before they are reviewed and made available for search to maintain a high quality of listings for potential buyers. Good quality photos and complete information about the property I helpful to speed up the review process. If, after one week, your listing does not appear in the search results, please contact support team for further advice. 

Is it legal for me to list my property on StayPlanet?

 It is legal to sublet your property in most countries. However, if you have any doubts, you should speak with your landlord before creating a listing.

Do I need to provide a VAT ID?

You should only provide your VAT ID if you have one. You can insert it under Payout Options in My Account > Profile settings > Payout Options.

Does StayPlanet have a photography service?

StayPlanet will attempt to assist hosts to improve the quality of their listings whenever possible. We are able to arrange for a photographer to visit your property in special cases. If you would like to be considered, please contact our photo service. 

I would like my listing to be featured higher in the search results. How does this happen?

Please contact uson info@stayplanet.com and we will advise you further.

Can I mark certain dates on the calendar as unavailable?

You can access the calendar in the ‘View Offer Calendar’ section of the Your Offers page to block bookings on certain dates. You are able to select the date(s) you wish to block, and a pop-up window will give you the option to mark them as 'Unavailable'.

I've received a booking request. How do I proceed?

ou will receive an email advising you on how to accept or reject any booking requests for your property. You can alternatively accept or reject bookings in the 'My Guests' section of your account.

Will there be additional costs added to my basic rental price?

There will be additional costs added, although this will not affect the amount that you have set to receive for your property. StayPlanet charges a processing fee that is added to the rates you have set to simplify the price calculation for guests. You will receive 100% of the accommodation price since the fee is added on top of your rates. You can find more information about our charge structure in our General Terms and Conditions.

can I charge different prices for different days or seasons?

You can modify the price in the calendar section of your listing for individual nights. You can access this by going to the 'My Offers' section of your account, and selecting 'View Offer Calendar'. Please select a date and enter your desired new price in the pop-up window to change a nightly price

Can I charge a cleaning fee?

 You are able to input a cleaning fee in the ‘Additional Costs’ section of the 'Pricing and Terms' option once you have selected 'Modify Offer' from the My Offers section of your account.

Can I charge a deposit?

Deposits are a private matter between hosts and their guests. Deposits can be charged, however they are not processed through StayPlanet, so you will have to mention it in your description to collect it from your guest as they check in.

Why do my prices appear different to the ones I have set?

A processing fee is charged in order to simplify the price calculation for guests. This price is displayed with the fee added on. You can find out more information about our surcharge structure in our General Terms and Conditions.

What if a guest cancels their booking?

There are three different cancellation policies available for you to choose from that are catered to suit each guest individually. You can find more information about these on our Cancellation Policies page.

Do I have to pay tax on my listing?

Taxes are not processed through StayPlanet, so you will have to discuss payment terms and further details with your landlord and/or local tax office. 

Will I be charged a fee for using StayPlanet?

StayPlanet charges a host processing fee that does not affect the set price you receive for the property. Because this fee is added to your prices, you will receive 100% of the accommodation price according to the rates you have set. You can find more information about our processing fee in our General Terms and Conditions.

What is an 'on request' host?

 Some hosts require you send a message before you make a booking request. Once the host has confirmed their availability you are able to book their listing.

My guest requested to receive an invoice for their total booking amount. How do I do this?

StayPlanet provides a simple way to generate an invoice for your guest that require them to first request an invoice, and then fill in their billing details. They can do this by searching Dashboard > My Trips > Booking Details > Request an Invoice. After requesting an invoice, you will receive an email with their billing details which you can use to create your own invoice. You can also alternatively use our Online Invoice Generator by following the instructions in the email. If your guests requires a direct invoice you should advise them to send a request through our system in Dashboard > My Trips > Request an Invoice. Any further questions should be referred to our customer support team.

Am I allowed to ask a guest to provide more information about themselves?

StayPlanet has established a messaging system that provides both hosts and guests a method of communication to ask for more information when necessary. It is prohibited to exchange contact details through this messaging system. 

At what point does a guest receive my exact street address?

Guests will only receive your address once have reserved the total fee on their chosen method of payment.

Am I expected to offer additional assistance to make the guest's stay more 'local'?

It is your decision to offer additional assistance to your guests. We do not expect any additional host services to be offered, however some guests appreciate the option of a train station/airport pick-up, or even a short tour of the neighbourhood to familiarise them with the area. 

Do I have to hand over the keys myself?

It is not a requirement of you to hand over the keys yourself, however it is preferred you do so. It is important that the handover of keys is agreed with your guest in advance and that this follows the plan you have discussed. You must notify the appropriate people if you decide to authorise someone else to hand them over on your behalf.

What should I do if I am not happy with the behaviour of my guest?

If you are not happy with the behaviour of your guests, and/or feel they disrespect your property, please contact our customer support team and we will investigate the situation further. 

What are StayPlanet's policies on cancellations by guests?

There are three different cancellation policies available for you to select. You can find more information about these on our Cancellation Policies page.

What if I need to cancel a booking after I have already accepted it??

If you are no longer able to secure a booking you have previously confirmed due to a change of circumstances, you are required to contact us so we can further advise you on how to handle the situation. Please note we only accept cancellation requests via emails to our customer support team on info@stayplanet.com.

Will my complete street address be visible online?

Your complete street address will not be visible online, as we protect your safety by only including your street name and a broader map view of the surrounding neighbourhood.

When will I receive payment for a booking?

Payment will be transferred at least 24 hours after your guest has checked in through the account you have specified in your StayPlanet account settings.

Is it a problem if I reject a booking request even though my property is available?

If you become unhappy with the behaviour of a potential guest, you are able to reject their booking; however if you regularly reject guests your position in the search results may be affected, and your property could be delisted. If you are simply unable to offer your property on a particular day, you must mark it as unavailable in the 'View Offer Calendar' section of 'My Offers'.

How do I file a complaint if I have encountered a problem?

 Complaints must be filed through our customer support team via email. Please send an email to info@stayplanet.com explaining your complaint so we can respond to you as quickly as possible.

Does StayPlanet offer host insurance?

Host insurance is available in some countries. Please read our host insurance page for more information, and note that this is not yet available in all countries.

Why is it useful to complete my user profile?

StayPlanet was created to help make traveling a more personal and local experience. Therefore it is useful to complete your user profile, as it is necessary to enhance your experiences and provide a way to get to know you better prior to arrival.

Should I upload a photo of myself?

It is not compulsory to upload a photo of yourself, however it is often a way to personalise transactions. It is recommended as you are more likely to get a booking with a completed profile.

What if I forget my password?

Should you forget your password, there is a link on the sign-in page to help you to create a new password.

If I sign-in with my Facebook account, will it be visible on my profile?

Your Facebook account is only used to bypass our regular registration tool. No other Facebook information but your name and Facebook photo will appear in your StayPlanet profile, so you will have to complete the rest of your StayPlanet profile manually.

How can I delete my account?

You are currently able to delete your account by emailing the customer service team on info@stayplanet.com. This is the only way to do so. 

What should I do if I have a problem when my guest arrives and cannot resolve it in person?

Please contact our customer support team on info@stayplanet.com and we will try to resolve your problem for you.